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                      MessagePopup I I Help Manual

What is MessagePopupII
How to use
1 Send Message
2 Diary
3 Alarm
4 File Transfer
5 Setup
6 IP

Trouble Shooting


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What is MessagePopup II (MsgPopup II)
MessagePopup is LAN Message Communication FREEWARE program.
Simply Install & Send. And can send a file and save logs and change user name
It has Diary, Alarm . Everything is for your work.

It is suitable for small office.

 OS: windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
 LAN card : TCP/IP protocol installed ( No use dinamic IP or virtual IP)
 Display : At least 800 X 600, (over 1024 X 768 recommended).

(Windows XP user should disable Firewall in the network properties.
  Refer below trouble shooting. 
   If do not disable, can send a message, but not receive a message. )

How to use
Message Popup searches for Message Popup users on your network when starting,
or when you click the [CONN] connection button.
When receive a message, it will popup with a sound.
To exit program, right click the system tray icon , and select exit.  
To make the popup window pop up , simply press[CTL+SHIFT]
To make the popup window disappear, simply press [Esc]   when activated. Anytime [CTL+SHIFT]  
Or click system close button
If you don't want window to popup when a message is received, right click the system tray icon,
and select  [Icon Window]
To see this manual at any time, press [F1]

The developer writes:
Even though this program is poor, I'm glad if many people use this program.
Special Thanks to My family and my friends and many testers and users..


1. Select recipients in the upper current users .
    You can use Shift and CTL    key to multiselect , and push [Down Arrow]
    You can use mouse to select  below users.Just click  and drag down .
    Right click on the users list box, and select [All->Recipients]to select all users
    Or, select all users and click [Down two Arrow]

2.In lower memo window, write a memo.

3. Click [Send]or [CTL+S].


  When replying to a received message, press [Reply].
  When replying to the all recipients, press [Reply All].
  When forwarding a received message, press [F.W]. and select recipients.
  To clear memo , click [New] or [CTL+N].
  Received Messages 30, Sent Messages 30 are reserved .
  After 30, when new message is arrived, the older messages are deleted.
  If you want change Max message number, click [Gear] and Log tab, change it.
 Recipients are cleared after sending a message. To avoid it, Click [NO CLR] .
  When communicating with same people, It is useful.
  If you want to use this funtion for default on startup, [Gear] and Startup tab, check it.



1. Click [Calendar] .

2. Click each [Day] button to enter memo in the day.

3. To Make your day to a memorial day
     Click [MyDay] ,and write solar/lunar ,day, holiday and name , Click [+] .
    solar/lunar :  Some countries (some asia) use lunar calendar like Korea.
    world calendar is solar .Just user solar.
    holiday : If that day is holiday, select 1 . That day is marked with red day in calendar.


  * Depend on your country, can change holiday manually in holiday.txt 
     (MessagePopup directroy).  
     Default holiday is 1/1 and 12/25.(you can delete as you want)
  (ex) solar;0000;01;03;Test;1;  
           solar= solar or lunar
           0000= every year
           01;03= month/day
           Test=day name
           1=red day( holiday)  (if non red day = 0)



1. Click [alarm] to input alarm time or alarm day.

 2. In the Sound setup tab, can select alarm sound file and choose alarm option.

 3. In the Internet, Computer Time Sync Tab, can synchronize computer time with
     Internet Time Server time.

File Transfer

1. Select Recipient and write message.

2. Click [Clip] and select a file to send.
    Or, select a file to send in the Explorer, and Drag & Drop in the main window. 

3. When a file is attached , [Clip] color is changed to [Red Clip]

4. Click [Send] to send a message and an attachment

5. Received file is saved in C:\Program Files\MessagePopup\down
    In [Download Dir]Tab, change the down dir.

     Click [Clip]button and click [Goto Down DIR] ,then goto down directory.  
     Or, Click blue bar at upper writing msg box to open down dir
     Or, right click and select [Open explorer]
     Or, If you want to open an attached file on received msg, click [blue bar] at upper
          received message box. If attached file is exist, file is opend, else down dir is opened.



Network Tab

1. Different Netork from my network.
    To communicate with IP address users that have different ahead three ip unit,
    input the ahead three number in edit box.
    Do not need to input your network ip. (My network is default searching network regardless of your input in that edit box)

2. Group Name , User Name
    To change My MessagePopup user name or group name, Input new name in " User Name" or "Group Name"
    Group name is not necessary if you do not use group.
    If input group name, can classify users according to the group name in combo box.

3. Communication Group
   When several different groups are using same LAN and do not want to  communicate each other, select your group
radio button.
   Only sameCommunication group users are visible to each other. (default = A Group)


 1. Change Users ListBox color or font. Change Messaage  Window color or font .
     Or You can use default color

 2. Set Message Window Font Size.

 3. Select Font Language . Default is for your Windows Font Language

 4. Click [Save Listbox width] to save users istbox width.
     Or right click on the users list box, and Click [Save Listbox width].


 1, To disable sound of comming msg, check the checboxs.
     Select Sound a wave file that you want.

 2. Default saving numbers of received and sent msg is 30. If you want to change that number, change it.

 3. When want to find log file or text on the log files, use the button [Goto Log DIR] or [Find in Log DIR].
     To delete all log files , click [clear All logs] button

Unlock )

     When you are absent ,and do not want somebody simply click and see your messages ,
     you can set up a password to protect messages.
     Select Password tab, and setup password .
     Right click system tray icon, and select [Password Lock]
     When you click system tray icon or Icon window, it will request a password
     before anyone can see a Message.
     To unlock, right click system tray icon, and select [Password  Unlock]

If you lost password, just restart MessagePoup program, and setup new password.


1. Startup option
  Select Minimized or NoPopup or Icon Window , when program starting.
  No Popup and Icon Window are function of right click menu on tray icon. On starting, that function is enabled.

 2.Hot Key
  To disable hotkey check the check button.
  You can change the Hotkey as one in the combobox list.

3. [No CLR] Enable on starting.
     Can enable [NO CLR] on starting.
     [NO CLR] function is that  recipient lists on recipients box are not cleared after sending msg, 

4. Enter and Send
If you want to send a message with Enter key,
right click in the writing msg box, and select
To do previous function on staring,
[Gear] button -> Startup Tab , and check [Enable Enter and Send On starting]

Send to IP internet user

1. Click [IP]

2. Input IP and name.

3. Click [+]  to add the user to recipient list.

4. When receive a message using above method (sender header is @),
   if you want to add that ip and name, Click [IP] and Click [->]


* Internet communication is not warranted. If you or recipient use dinamic ip
  or virtual ip, it can not be communicated. And in internet world , lots of problem
  are exist like firewall, router, etc.
  MessagePopup is for Lan network. IP function is just optional


ETC Functions


1. [Connection Refresh] Connection Refresh
    Some computers shut down with abnormal Windows Shut down. Or plug off Lan cable and shutdown. Or abnomal Starting Windows.
    On this time Message Popup should search users list by manually with this button.

2. [Group] Save Group : Click to save upper recipients to my group.
   ( Can give \group dir files to other users, just copy and overwrite them)

3. [Load Group] Load Group: Click to load saved my group.
  Doubleclick the group in the list or [Load] button.

4. [Auto Forward Memo] Auto Forward Msg: Click button and write message .
   When receiving a message, it will automatically send this message to the sender.
   To off this function, click this button again and click Cancel button.

5. [Absent] Absent:  When receive a message, automatically send an absent message to the sender.
      When you send a message, Absent is off.

6. Icon Window :
   If you don't want popup when a message is received, right click the system trary icon,
  and select  [Icon Window] . When receiving a new message, that Icon window is blinking.
  To stop blinking and see that message, click that Icon window.

7. NoPopup On receiving
     If you don't want popup when a message is received and also do not want Icon window, 
     right click the system trary icon and select  [NoPopup On receiving] . On receiving message, just tray icon is blinking.

6. Simple Message  : Hello, Thank ,Yes, No, Ok , Wait button

8.  [MY] My Message :
   Can save frequent using message.
   Click [MY] button , write a message and click [+]button
   When you want input that message in the memo box, Click [MY] button, and
   double click the message that you want or click [Add Selected Msg]

  * 1 ~ 9 messges can be added with [CTL +1] ~ [CTL +9] in the Send  memo box

9. [Special Char] Special Characters Table
    Depend on your Language, this characters are shown or broken. (2 characters Font Language can show this characters)
    Emoticon table is for users who use emoticons. This Emoticons are common used charaters. You can easily understand it.

10. [Find Com] Find Computer name
  Click [Find] button to find a computer name to send a message.
  (Only computer that uses same network ip with yours can be found)

11. [Pin] Fix current message
  Click [PIN] button to fix the message in received message window.
  It can avoid message changing by new message when you see the message.

12. [extract recipients] Get recipients list from a last sent messsage
  Select  a last message.
  Click [Get recipients list] button  (the left of sending result box )

13. Enter and Send
If you want to send a message with Enter key,
right click in the writing box, and select
To do previous function on staring,
[Gear] button -> Startup Tab , and check [Enable Enter and Send]

14. Open Explorer
In the message box, right click and select
[Open Explorer] 
,then Explorer is executed with Down directory.
click [blue bar] at upper  sent message box
    After select internet address with mouse, right click and select
[Open Explorer]
,then Internet Explorer is executed with that Internet address.

15. Open Attached File
   If you want to open an attached file on received msg, click [blue bar] at upper
          received message box. If attached file is exist, file is opend, else down dir is opened.
    Or, right click and select [Open Attachment],then that file is opened .

16. When you click the Korea map , MessagePopup Home is opened.
      If you want to change that address to your favorate internet address,
      right click on that map, and input new address.
      If blank, down dir is home.

17. Mouse right click menu
   Right click in the sending memo window, and select short cut command Key Summany
 [CTL + Shift]Pop Up/ Pop Down
 [Ctl + S]  Send
[Ctl + N]  New
[Ctl + R]  Reply
[Ctl + L]  Reply All
[Ctl + F]  Forward
[Ctl + U]  Attach(Upload File)
[Ctl + 1] -  [Ctl + 9]  MyMsg 1 – 9
[Ctl + E]  Enter&Send

Trouble Shooting

Nework Setting

There are several different networks from my network IP.
( Ahead Three unit of IP is my network. X.X.X )

Your computer A =
Same network   B =
Different netwok C,D = ,
Different networks S = ~

1)Most of all, ping test to computer in different network
   On Dos command
   C:> ping
   C:> ping
     reply should be arrived.

2) Different network 10.10.20.X and 10.10.30.X
   (1)  Setup -> network tab , input 10.10.30 to different network .
   (2) And you do not want to communicate not all 10.10.20. network users.
        Just only two and are my concern.
       You do not want to let 10.10.20 network users know my name.
         [IP]-> Input two ,  ,and click [+].
   (3) [Connection Refresh]  click to refresh network users.

  * Of course you can also input 10.10.30 to diffenet network setting.
    But, if do that, serarching time , it takes long time.
    So, If you want to communicate with only a few peple in diffenet netork,
    IP function is useful.
   Then, What shoud do In computer  C and D?
    Yes, input 10.10.10 and 10.10.30 to different network setting.
    In S, 10.10.10.X -> different network setting
 and -> IP Setting.

You can compact your Network setting with above functions.

Can send msg
but can not
receive msg
 In Windows XP, Some Lan card has problem. Guess, All Ip network is same , and internet has no problem.
 From computer with XP, can send message to other users, But can not receive the messages.
 Some LAN Card has some problem that when you do not use network, Lan card is disabled. So  from other computer, can not sent message to that XP  computer. Also can not ping to that computer.
  In case Windows XP
  Start => Control Panel => Network connections => Your Lan card Adaptor => Advanced Tab
 ->Internet Firewall
  Protect My Computer from Network To "Disable" (No Check button)
  If you check Internet Firwall enable, other users can not send message to you.
 In case Windows XP SP2
  Start => Control Panel => Network and internet connections => Window Firewall => Do Not use

 2) Ask to LAN Card Corp supporters, Or change LAN card Driver. Finally change LAN card.

Two LAN cards

If one computer has two LAN cards, check MY network on Gear-> network tab.
If My network is different from the network that you want to use, switch two LAN card IP and Cable.
Or input two networks to Gear-> network tab -> different network.  And click [Connection Refresh] button for refreshing 

 If you have problem or question, visit MsgPopup home and use faq or board.