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Q: I want to use MessagePopup II in my office. Can I use it in my office.
A: Yes, anyone can use it anywhere (home/company/public office).

   But can not sell this program with money.



Q : Do I need to know other user's IP?
A : No. If your network is working. just Install it on the computer where user want to communicate.



Q : Which network is possible to communicate?
A : Check  [Gear]button-> network tab -> my network.
     X.X.X.255   X.X.X is my network.
     These computers that use same my network can communicate with just install.
     If some computers use different network (ex. X.X.K.255), input X.X.K.255 to different network
     in the [Gear]button-> network tab -> different network.  And In opposite computers, input X.X.X.255



Q : In users list, some users are not displayed.
A :   1.First, check that MessagePopup version is 3.X. Because,2.X is not compatible with 3.X
      2.Check  [Gear]button-> network tab -> my network. Is 'my network' same?
      3.Dos command . ping [opposite ip]. Do you receive reply well?
         If not, that computer has some network problem.
      4.If one program uses same UDP port with MessagePopupII, Change communication group
         In [Gear]button-> network tab to 'B' ~ 'F'
         After close MessagePopup,In Dos command. 'netstat -a'. Check what port are using.
Since version from Window XP, use the Windows Firewall.
        The firewall block program uses the network.
        So, to use the MessagePopup, you must allow access the personal network in Firewall.
        By default, when you first install a MessagePopup, the window that you can allow access private networks pops up.
        (XP) Click Unblock / (Win10, etc) check boxes of private and public network and click Allow access.

        If you did not allow access permission at first executing, users list is not listed.
       Solution 1) Windows Control Panel (Start-Control Panel, In case win10, right click Start icon- Control Panel)
                  -Security Center (System and Security) - Firewall
        XP -Firewall  : Exceptions tab - check on box of MsgPopup, If do not have MsgPopup in the list,

                        click Add Program, add MsgPopup
        Win10, Etc- firewall : allow an app through firewall- click Change settings

                                - check on boxes of MsgPopup name, private  public
                              (if MsgPopup not in the list, click Allow another app - Add MsgPopup)

         Windows XP image guide
Windows 10 image guide


       Solution 2) Disable Windows Firewall

        In case Windows XP,  

        Start => Control Panel => Network connections => Your Lan card Adaptor => Advanced Tab
        ->Internet Firewall

         Protect My Computer from Network To "Disable" (No Check button)

        In case Windows XP SP2

         Start => Control Panel => Network and internet connections => Window Firewall => Do Not use

        In over Windows XP

         Start => Control Panel(In case win10, right click Start icon)-System and Security => Window Firewall

         left menu Turn Windows Firewall on or off => Turn off Windows Firewall (Private and Public networks)
      6.If your Network uses Dynamic IP(DHCP), close Messagepopup and reexecute  it.
         Because, this program do not know when IP is available, it just knows own IP when program start.
         So, restart Messagepopup



Q : Which Network port this program uses ?
A : TCP port : 6713 6715
     UDP 6711(A group) ~ 6716(F group)



Q : Can I write other language in MessagePopupII ?
A : Yes, maybe.. From 3.0.3 version . Please test and tell me whether you can write other Language.
     Because, I do not have other language Windows. so, I could not test it. 



Q : I'm using two lan card . What should I do?
A : This program can recognize  only one network adaptor.

     Check my network in Gear-> network tab. If IP is different from that IP which I am using for MessagePopup,
      Change two Lan card IP each other. And restart MessagePopup.



Q : Our LAN using Two network IP system. And they can not ping each other.
      Can I use MessagePopup In two IP network system?
A :  Yes, If you are using Win2000 or XP.
       First, Start => Control Panel => Network connections => Proporties => TCP/IP - Propoties -> Advance button,
       Add another IP which is in another IP net system.

       Second, In MessagePopup  Gear-> network tab, add different Network. and Click CONN button
       Every Users should do it above.
       Therefore, All Computers have two IP that are in two IP network systems.



Q : In our network, there are some people who do not want to communicate with our users.
     But, after install this program all, their user names are displayed in our users list.
     How to protect their names from our user lists?
A : Change your Communication group to not A but B(or ~F)  " In [Gear]button-> network tab "
     All users who want to communicate with each other should change to B comm group.
     Then, only same Comm group ('B')will be displayed in your users list.
     Because, default Communication Group is 'A'.
     Got it?

FAQ 10

Q : I want to preserve config and log files from deleting when install msgpopup.

A : If Uninstall msgpopup, All files & folders include logs, configs, Down Dir

    Everything are deleted completely.

    If do not want that, just exit by right clicking exit menu on system tray icon.

    And Install MsgPopup program. Then All Files are preserved from deleting.


FAQ 11

Q : I want to move MsgPopup to a new computer.

A : 1. Compress All files on MessagePopup Directory (Default C:\Program Files\MessagePopup).

    (If you changed Down dir, backup that directory separately)

    2. Install MessagePopup II on New computer.

    3. Decompress that compressed file on installed dir (Default C:\Program Files\MessagePopup).

    MessagePopup do not handle Windows Registry. so can move msgpopup easily simply.